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As you might be aware, Google rates pages based on their significance and link appeal. As well as on their proficiency, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, and review ratings.

For Google to rank a page, it needs to understand that other individuals believe its material is valuable…

…and it does it by (to name a few things) measuring the number of backlinks connecting to your site…

If lots of people are sending their readers to you, then Google’s Algo think you’re  “worthy of amplification.”

And that’s where Backlink Factory shines, using Google Properties and automating the whole ‘Backlinking Enchilada” in ways never seen before!

You’ll be able to create:

  • Primary and secondary keywords Anchors
  • Local Merge Text to Anchor
  • Spinning Text Boxes
  • URL Boxes
  • Parent & Child Folder Description
  • Primary Keyword Stacks
  • Custom Keywords Stack
  • GMB Maps Variants, NAP and More! 

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All Testimonies are directly from Our Users in the Skype Group, Actual Results and this could be you next

All Testimonies are directly from Our Users in the Skype Group, Actual Results and this could be you next.

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