Ranking Factory Revolution V2

Dominate Your Niches Using Google To Rank In Google!

Dominate ANY Niche And NEVER Worry About Google Penalties Again!

Ranking Factory Revolution V2

The ONLY Software That Makes Your Websites and Videos IMMUNE To Google Algorithm Changes…

Creates, Shares Publicly, Interlinks All Of the Google Sites and Properties Shown Below*

*The “Secret Sauce” is only revealed to our clients but is vital to successful and long lasting front page rankings!

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Dominate ANY Niche And NEVER Worry About Google Penalties Again!

Choose A Niche, Any Niche

“Wouldn’t it be great to rank in any niche?”

The image above shows the massive amount of Google love that will be created to drive your designated property to the top of the search engines.

The Ranking Factory system leverages the power of Google itself to pass Google’s authority from site to site, increasing all the time as the juice moves ever upward through the silo until it reaches your money website or video.

But HOW Do They Help You???

Ranking Factory includes a host of utilities and strategies, that we will not reveal here, which all add to all authority Docs and other Goggle Properties (juice) that gets passed at every stage, ever upwards.

The authority,(Google Juice), that these Google properties pass simply cannot be replicated using other properties such as PBNs or other ring networks!

Notice the pattern of the flow of Juice from one G. Doc ever upward to the intended and ultimate Money or Target site. You will learn much more about the workings of this incredible machine on our training videos and webinars.

The Ranking Factory system leverages the power of Google itself to pass Google’s authority from G. site to G. site, increasing all the time as the juice moves ever upward through the silo. The Result is your Money Site gets all the Love & Authority from Google you can not achieve in any other manner.

You can simply do this on your own, as we have, but you will soon realize the enormous amount of time it takes to accomplish these tasks.


Learn how we have multiplied the process by 4-6-8-10-12 Times or MORE.

Ranking Factory Revolution additionally utilizes a powerful system known as Octi-Stacker to exponentially ramp up the juice. This powerful technique is so Revolutionary it will blow your mind. Ranking Factory Revolution (RFR) creates these for you in just minutes (NOT HOURS)

This is one of the MANY incredible methods to achieve high rankings for your Money Sites. also something you will learn on the webinar.

NO Black Hat Techniques used here! We are just trading a little of your time for massive results that you could do on your own.

Isn’t easier to work with both feet inside Google’s own platforms then one foot in and one foot out always adjusting every time a change is made in their algo’s?

This is a proven system that will enable you to do the work once.

The beauty of the RFR system is that you can run multiple campaigns until you dominate your niches!

Once Your Money Sites get to page 1 you do not need to do much to keep them there. Just fire up RFR and send some Google love to them and they stay there. We have sites and videos that have been outranking major directory sites for over two years!

For Live Proof search “Texoma SEO” You can see we are the top 2 or 3 spots we ran as a test over a year ago. Not pretty but still there to prove the system.

The fact that you don’t have to “babysit” your rankings every week or month, leaves you free to create other money making opportunities. Once they hit the front pages, they stay there.

I'll let you in on a secret we have discovered.

Google doesn't penalize Google…
That is real powerful knowledge RFR puts in your hands Today!

One Ranking Factory Revolution campaign will create hundreds or even thousands of G-links. All of these links are kept within the Google family, passing more powerful juice than any aged site or PBN is capable of passing.

ALL other linking methods are held hostage to the constant Google updates. Your sites becomes a Bobber in a Sea of unknowns which will require you to always be on your feet as what to do next when Google Sneezes.

Ranking Factory gives you the ability to build powerful and legal networks on demand.

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We do offer a 15 day refund for anyone that purchases RFR and does not access the program, yet not activated your license key, never logged in to access the training section of RFR.

Our training information and systems are proprietary and valuable as to how to improve your ranking. Once you active or access our systems there is no refunds after 15 days of access.

We offer a support desk and a Skype support room with over 500 members that aid all members in solving problems and helping with ideas and ways to improve your RFR experience.

As a member also get direct access to the owners of the company should you need special help. This could include a private session with them to help you on your journey.

All bonuses that are not RFR related will be yours to keep as our way of saying thanks for trying us.