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To Skyrocket  Your Search & Map Pack Ranking Success With GMB / GBP POI

What The Rankings Store GMB / GBP POI Factory software offers you is a unique solution for any businesses looking to improve online visibility and search engine rankings in organic search or visibility in the Maps listings.

With its advanced-proprietary driving, walking, bicycling, and transit directions capabilities, businesses can optimize their GBP-GMB listing and increase the radius that Google identifies your company with resulting in much more traffic and higher RANKINGS in the Search Engine Rankings organically and in the coveted top spots in the Google or Apple Map Pack listings.



Having your business listed as a Point of Interest on Google Maps can significantly boost your search engine ranking and visibility. When customers search for products in your local area, having your Google Business Page (GBP) or Google My Business (GMB) listing appear as a POI can make you stand out and attract more clicks and traffic to your website.

Additionally, having accurate and complete information about your business on your GBP/GMB listing, including address, phone number, and hours of operation, can also improve your local search ranking and help customers find you more easily. 

So, including your location as a POI on Google Maps can be a valuable step in driving local customers and growing your business.”



Features of GMB / GBP POI Factory

GMB / GBP Places Data

Auto Fetch Business Details

POI Factory offers you speed of automation i.e. with help of Google Maps API in moments you can retrieve all important business details of your GBP listing.

Such as: Business Name, Business Address, Latitude, Longitude, Ratings, Open Times, Plus Code, Places ID etc.

GMB Places Data


SEO Optimized Local Map Pins & Map Embed Codes

POI Factory helps you create seo optimized local map pins to increase the local relevance of your business and Google map listing with your desired keyword. It also creates automated map embed codes for the same.

You can create various type of pins such as: Driving Direction Maps, Walking Direction Maps, Cycling Direction Map, Transit Map, Flying Map in between your business and competition or local POI.

MAP PinsFinder

Find Local POI & Competition in 1 Click

Not sure which local point of interest locations / competitors to refer to for SEO optimized maps – do not worry! POI Factory has an automated Map Pin Finder tool that helps you create these local pins without having to search and enter them one by one in a time-consuming manner.

One Click Map Pins for: Local Point of Interests & Competition Businesses in Local Maps

Exclusive Feature of GMB / GBP POI Factory

What Makes Us Your Local Map Pin Super Tool?

Driving Directions

Create unlimited driving directions maps between your biz and competition, giving you a clear advantage in the map ranks.

Walking Directions

Allowed to create unlimited walking direction maps in between your business & competition as well as Point of interests and your biz.

Bicycling Directions

Create unlimited number of cycling wayfinders using the tool GMB POI Factory and further enhance them with backlinks

Transit Directions

Create Transit direction maps with help of POI Factory tool.

Flying Directions

You can also create unlimited multiple flying direction maps for your business.

Embeds Codes

POI Factory creates SEO optimized embed codes that help you improve your map ranks.

Rank Your GMB

You can boost your Google Business Profile / GBP ranks with the help of POI Factory.

Rank Your Sites

You can also increase the authority of your websites or Google Business site with the help of POI factory

Increase Your Radius

With the help of POI & Competition directions maps, you can improve your business ranking in more miles.