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Dear Friend's,

@Gary, a big thank you to you and your Teaching program's. I'm an author and I just beat out the number one book in my niche,
published by a big-time company with mega bucks. Just to put it into perspective,
that would be the equivalent of an independent theme park beating out Disneyland...

amazing! Actually i have 2 testimonies. So I started stacking events for one of my books on amazon two days ago. Just checked the Best Seller Rank and I'm up 25,000 spots. BSR works like being in a contest. The lower the rank (the closer to number 1), the better.


Randy, 1:38 PM
I hope that everyone takes notice... of the value of this group. There are things that we assume or do
innocently that can get us in trouble, and someone with more experience can help us by drawing to our attention the error in our thinking.
I LOVE this group for being so open and helpful! I just finished putting together a white paper to give to my prospects
when Gary teaches us the new email system. After 3 months my son's case study on the first GMB I ever used the Tools We Were Taught to Use so for now rank in the Google 3-Pack for 42 keywords. They rank #1 for hard keywords like "dentist", "dental Implants", "dentist near me" and so on.
That would not have happened if it weren't for Patrick, Gary, and everyone in this group!!!
What you teach does work.

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"I just want to share some results I've gotten in the last week using the The Methods Gary and Patrick Teach,
for my daughter-in-law who's a criminal defense attorney in Grand Rapids MI. She started her GMB listing at #5 on page 5, couldn't believe it
when I first checked it out.on page 5,and after one week

we moved her to #2 on page 3.
I couldn't believe it when I first checked it out. Now she Dominates Page 1, Top 3 position"

- Name

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Dan K
I was running a test about 2 weeks ago with creating the Calendar stack and then modifying it the way Gary teaches,
and I've had some immaculate results. This is for a national client in a legal sub-niche, running everything Gary
has mentioned in the docs, and just tweaking the calendar stack to be 48 calendars deep instead of 4. Nothing else
has been done to the site, nothing changed for on-page, and it's taking off at a decent clip.

Next up, is doing the calendar cash method with a twist to each of the service pages by mirroring them on the G-site,
with 1 link in the header of that page directly to the matching page. It's a bit of extra work, but the results speak
for themselves. Now on page 2 for 2 keywords totaling 50k searches a month.

Dan k
Another client win. 30 day window of keyword rankings.

Keep pumping, this shit WORKS.

Dan K
Quick update: client is now first page for their main keyword, which is also the service they provide, nationally.

All the things I posted about doing in here is all I've done. No crazy linking methods, diagrams, or any of the rest of that stuff,
just simple, straightforward Gsite, slides, calendar, and a little bit of data pulled from Cora around how to structure the links.
I haven't even looked at building anything beyond the initial run, I can only imagine what that will do.

This is as powerful of a system as you'll find anywhere, and this client called me this morning telling me he didn't have enough reps to handle the new volume.

Tweak, tune, test, and let it rip. (like)

This campaign was built about a month ago in two hours and hasn't been touched since. I might revisit and start hitting it with Backlink Factory
for added measure on some of the straggler keywords, but this has largely been hands-off the last 30 days.

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Today Only we have Reduced the Price as an Introducy Price to Our Other Courses and Software! the Ranking Store has Over 30 Specalized SEO Products and
We have been Around since 2017 and all Our Products have been Maintained and Updated!

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