The Ultimate PBN Model is Here, With 100's of Page 1 Sites, and Every One of them is Also a Google News Site. We May have the Number 1 most Powerful PBN on the Planet and now you can Benefit from Our Efforts! Intoducing the Google PBN Backlink Tri-Booster

"The PBN Back link Triple-Booster*Are Power Ladden* And Ready to Dominate for you!"

Unlike Some PBN's who sell Guest posts or backlinks or Ads yet are of little Effect, Due to their High Spam Scores, We Made Ourself Immune to Spam Scores. Now Realize they have no Choice but Charge what they Do! On Average to Build a PBN costs $17,000 and Up! You have to purchase High Value Expired Domains, Buy Hosting and Maintain the network all of Which has a Built in Expense. Thus they have to Charge High Prices to Off Set Their Costs. But there is a better way..My Way

Check Out the Actual Power and we aren't Even 100% Finished Yet

@Gary @Patrick as promised here is the ranking report

approx. 720+ Google sites are ranking in top 10

approx. 590+ Google sites are ranking in top 3 for their primary keyword

The report have keywords automatically figured out using help of AI as else u can understand we never saved which keyword is for which site so it was mostly the biggest challenge solved that and then here is our rank report :)

We have this biggest data for our sales network now with us


here is Pie chart I created based on this ranking data :)

Dear Friend,

Imagine the Power of Having Google Only Backlinks from a PBN with the Power of having 100's of Page 1 Properties! not Just words we will show you Shortly Just What We Mean! Out of a 1000 Sites We Dominate Niches Such as Injury Law, Criminal Law, Accident Law, Family Law, Water Damage Restoration, Roofer, Tow Truck, Dental, and More.

We Power up Each of the Sites with Quad Stacks and Authority Docs and our Secret Sauce (Shhhhh) and we Shot the Sites Up the Serps and best of all, We Allow you to Piggback Off Our Success and Most of all WE Made it Affordable to Everyone from new Marketer to established Agency. Now you can have Google Backlinks loaded with Authority and Power Available by Monthly Subscription Only Custom Built for Each Client accross any Number of Sites from 25 sites up to a 1600' Plus sites

Google PBN Backlink Triple-Booster Give,s the Most Bang for Your Buck!

So Gary What Exactly is a PBN Backlink Triple-Booster?   Well its a 3 Part

Monster. First up a Calendar Event that Fires Daily..attached is 5 Docs for


One is a Anchor Texted Keyword File which associates your Target

with the Top 100 Keywords, Next up Google Search Doc with 100's of the Top

Article Links and Citations, Then the Top Articles for your Niche From

Wikipedia, Next up a Google Property with Just a Ton Of Authority,  where

We Find all the Case Law Related to your Niche and Seed Keywords,

and Finally we grab 100's of Videos From YouTube Related to your Search

Term. Are you Seeing the Big Picture Yet? Well Next Add a Clickable Slider

Image and stuff the notes with Data (Top Secret) and We Complete the

Tri-Booster with a Image Doc thats Clickable and Goes to Your Target!

So Lets Cut to the Chase Can you Realy Do this Effectively? you Bet Now in Full Disclosure It takes 7-10 Days on Average to Fulfill an Order so we Ask for Patience as it's All Built By Hand

Are you Ready for Something Different and Effective? Give Us a Try and Never Look Back

  • Google Backlinks from a Powerful PBN
  • Powerful Advantage over Competitors
  • Affiliate Program Available
  • Once Set in Motion its all on Auto-Pilot
  • Set and Forget

Check out Our Rankings Below...and what others get for Backlinks

Check Out What Fiverr and Others Get for Backlinks they Sell and Prices they Get!

Introducing ...

PBN Backlink Tri-Ads

No One Else on the Planet Currently has PBN Backlinks Triple-Booster 

  • Product Main Benefit #1 - Only Google Backlinks Top Quality.......................
  • Product Main Benefit #2 - Guilt by Association to the Top 100 Keywords for your Niche
  • Product Main Benefit #3 - the Power of Authority as Determined By Google themselves as Authority on any Subject

TRI-Booster Trigger Daily sending Juice to Your Target In a Unique Fashion, Using the 5 Authority Factors with Citatations...No Other Backlink has this Ability

Act Fast as the Pricing is an Introductry Price we Won't and Can't Maintain, Act Fast and be Grand fathered in.those Who Do have a Locked In Price Structure that Wont Go Up anytime Soon.

"Having Been the Person Benefiting of getting to Use the System Myself, I can say I was Stunned when i saw the Rankings of the Sites, I have never seen Anything Like this Before"

- Randy

Super Benefit we Have a Buy 4 get 1 Free in Place to Introduce Our Service!

  • Product Benefit #1 - All Google Backlinks and Attachments........
  • Product Benefit #2 - All on Auto Pilot Once Set Up.....................
  • Product Benefit #3 - Set up as an Affiliate and Make Money......
  • Product Benefit #4 -  Benefit from 100's of Ranked Sites ....../..
  • Product Benefit #5 - 100 Top Keywords Anchored to Target ...
  • Product Benefit #6 - Nothing But Value From Tri-Booster............./.
  • And Many More ...

No One can Compare the Value of the Google News PBN Backlink Triple-Booster

Grab Yours Today and Get the Pricing Granfathered IN While its Available

Act Fast ...Introductory Offer Only and Only Early Buyers will Be Grandfathered In Locking In the Prices Permently. Once WE Raise the Pricing No One will Get This Kind of Offer Again...Sorry!

So How Much are the PBN Backlink Tri-Booster? Lets Look at a Bargain and I mean a Bargain

25 Sites  $99./Month

50 Sites  $179/Month

100 Sites $239/Month

200 Sites $299/Month

Custom Orders Availabe Contact

Please Allow Time for any Order to be Processed, Its all Done by Hand the Goal is 7-10 Days subject to Change!

Pricing Subject to Change Once Introducty Offer Expires, Get Pricing Grand Fathered In by Locking Down a Subcription Now. Remember these are All Google News Sites as well as a PBN!

Time for Action, Get your Order In and Lock in your Value and Place in Order of The Line

25 Sites

50 Sites

100 Sites

200 Sites





orders Fullfilled in Order Recieved, First Come First Served so Act with Urgency while the Introductory Price

You only need to pay for $600 $400 $200 $99 if You act fast. (25 Site Level)  Also a Custom Order is Available for Agencies

No one has a Bargain Like this, Most Guest Posts Charge More

Best Bargain on the Google News Backlink Planet

Please Allow 7-10 Days for Fulfillment All Builds are Hand Built, thus no Refunds Available 

Gary and Patrick

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