Local Lead Turbine the King of Local Creates a NON Stop Flow of Hungry new Clients all from In Coming Calls, NO Prospecting, No Cold Calls and No Rejection, Just an endless Flow of New Clients! 

"Ready for Something That Actually works? A System Designed to Create a Steady Flow of Prospects Ready for Your Services, Gone are Objections, Lack of Trust and whats Left is Open to any Win-Win Propsals you  Aready Have! "

Eliminate the Hard Parts of Prospecting! Only handle Incoming Calls Ready for Your Propsals! Eliminate 90% of the Rejections and Objections before they can even Think of Them.

Don't Think Local Lead Turbine is Just for Local Marketing Only, No Sir, Not at All. In Fact it works for Virtually any and All Niches Such as Affiliate Products, Esty and Amazon Stores, E-Commerence and More.

Folks once in a Generation Comes Along Something Unique and Different and Changes Everything! That Moment has Arrived and You get to take Advantage of it! Finally an Automated System that Instead of Chasing and Prospecting and Allows you to Focus Only on Client Aqusition and Retention. Are you Ready for Such an Inovation?

Brenda, "I have Actually a Double Testimony I'm an author and I just beat out the number one book in my niche,Published by a big-time company with mega bucks. Just to put it into perspective,That would be the equivalent of an independent theme park beating out Disneyland"... Amazing!"

"Having Both Amazon Books and Esty Stores, Since Using Gary and Patrick's Methods My Business in the Last 10 Months, i have Increased Revenue by a Monster 40% It's Just Beyond all My Expectations"

How Does the System Work? well We found a Loop Hole that Allows us to Mail up to 10,000  Businesses or More and our E-Mail's have a Deliverable rate of over 90% (So Far I have had 12 mails that Couldn't be Delievered) Directly to the Inbox! we have attachment We Call a White Paper sharing Tips and Proof's of past Preformance's Creating a Flow of Incoming Calls. 

How Much does it Cost to Mail?   Drum Roll Please...if you have a Google Gmail Account, your Cost is $0, Nothing, Nada, I mean Absoluely $0, Yet we can send 10,000 E-mails every day, if we want or more.

Local Lead Turbine is the King of Local, No Competition, You See even the Best Platforms and Systems out there Still Require Prospecting. You are Still Chasing for new Clients! Subjecting You to Endless Rejections, Hearing Every Objection Businesses can Invent, Just to get rid of You! We Allow you to Scale up and Earn even Far More then you Can Dream About!

A System that puts you on Par with the Big Agencies, and as You Grow you can Grow Faster then Traditional Agencies simply because you have more Prospects than everyone Else!

Folks get Exposed to Something that Works, Forget what You Think You Know about Local Marketing!

  • Automate 10,000 mails or more when you want to send and Recieve In Coming Calls
  • Scale the calls According to the Number of Call Averages to Generate a Consistent Number of Calls
  • Achieve Astronomical Close Rates From All In Coming Calls
  • Now You Get to Focus on Aquisition and Retention of Clients and less time on Prospecting, WOW!
  • No gate Keepers, No Rejections

Finally You have an Endless Flow of Prospects wanting to Talk with You..Not Run From You!

Many People want to Get In to Local Marketng But it becomes Hard even if you have all the needed Skill sets to do the Work they Need, They Dont Yet Know you, They have No Trust in You, And that is before you do Your Presention or Propsals, Why Waste your Time and Energy or Theirs?

Introducing ...

Local Lead Turbine takes you thru all the Baby Steps to the Advanced Steps Both in the Course, The Over the Shoulders Videos and a Skype room for adanced Trainings and Guidence from Current Users and Some Local Pro's

  • Product Main Benefit #1 -Automated Mailing up to 10,000 or more
  • Product Main Benefit #2 - Over 90% deliverbility Currently no Spam Box to Date 12 Mails undelieverable Due to Certain Settings.
  • Product Main Benefit #3 - All Incoming Calls, No Cold Calls needed

Local Lead Turbine is so Easy to Use, If You can Type on a Keyboard, find some Images, You can Succeed in Local Marketing.

Have you Wanted to Do Local Marketing but Fear has you by the Unmentionables? If we Eliminated the Fear would You Jump in and Become a Success Story? Time to do Something that Works. Time to get Hungry!

"I was Skeptical but I Agrreed to Test the System, Almost 100% of E-Mails i sent hit the Inbox, Unheard of, the calls started and I cLosed 3 new Clients my very first Week I am a BELIEVER"

 JEFF Carmen

Realize You Need this before Someone else in your Target Market gets their Hands on It! Dont Hesitate and Miss Out on Potential Clients in Your OWN Back Yard! I mean that is the Last Thing You Want.

Let's Review see the Benefits Below and Decide if This is For You

  • Product Benefit #1 - Mail 10,000 or more at a time
  • Product Benefit #2 - Super High In Box Rate.
  • Product Benefit #3 - No Spam Box Deliverbility
  • Product Benefit #4 - No Optin Needed
  • Product Benefit #5 -Learn Secret Closing Skills
  • Product Benefit #6 - Learn Hot Button White Paper Tips.
  • Ninja Mastermind Skype Room with Insane Value 
  • And Many More ...

LOCAL LEAD Turbine is the King of Local for a Reason, Because It Absolutely Works and Eliminates the hard Prospecting Process and automates a flow of Calls for you!

Are you Ready? The Price is the Lowest it will ever Be. It will never be Available at this Price Again! 

 Special Bonuses For FREE!

We Included the Over the Shoulder Videos which Sell for $297 Alone, WE HAVE NEVER OFFERED Over the Shoulder Videos as a Bonus EVER!  Its very Likely it will never Happen Again!

Ok Folks let's get to the Brass Tacks I Will Include a Copy of UVR, to any Buyers during Our Release a $67 Value that it is still Sold for today on Warrior Forum. This is the Very Method we used to Dominate  4 Pages in Youtube and Google Search for Our Customer at the Time. It was Total Domination.

This is Where the Concept of using Google Against Google to Rank was started and Created.

Today we Are Offering Local Lead Turbine for Just $247 Saving You Over $1300 Off the Regular Price but Hurry it won't Last.

Loaded with Sheer Value. Don't Let your Competition Get Their Hands on This Before You DO!

Local Lead Turbine

Ultimate Video Ranking

Over the Shoulder Videos

Skype MasterMind Room 

Secret Bonus








Act Fast before We Close this Offer Down. Remember the Offer is Only Going to be Offered for a very Short Window.

You only need to pay for $600 $400 $247 if You act fast. You can get in but its a narrow Window Once we have sold 200 Copies it Will Come To an End,

14 Day  100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Act Today, Dominate Tommorrow. 

Grab it Quickly before We Pull the Offer Once we have 200 Sales it comes to an End!

Now you can test drive our product for 14 with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Gary Affron

Patrick Tuttle

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