You have heard all About the Power of Google News Site's but until Now you Couldn't get into the game Yourself! It's too Complicated and way too Expensive to Buy them From Vendors...

But Today all that Changes

"The Step by Step Over the Shoulder Video Course is Here*The G-Site to PBN to News Site to New Site PBN * Presented in as Simple a Method as Possible for Easy Consumption

Recently a Friend of Mine revealed His Amazing Secret " I currently Have 500 News.Googles in a major City so any thing I Add goes to page 1 like a Moth to a Candles Flame

Dear Friends,

" Having Used The Gsite System Since being shared it's Potential, I now have over 1000 sites all in a single specific Niche, My exposure has Astronomically Sky Rocketed" Have to say i am Estatic so say the least. What Ever you Do, Please Limit the Number of sales I love the Advantage i have found and dont want to see this ever go main stream!

How Big a Deal is this? well for one, to Build a PBN on Average Costs around $17,000 and up, You have to Buy some highly Ranked expired Domains, Massive Hosting then start selling Guest Posts and back links and after some time about a year and a half the Authority and Power of the Guest Posts and Back Links starts to Diminish, Rapidly Hurting those that Bought Them! Why? Because Google Started to Slap them with Spam Scores.

We have Solved the Spam Score Issue, No More Tanking and you can have All of this Power and Authority for your Own Use or Purpose

Hold on to your Seat Belts Folks, We are Going To Reveal a Money Monster You Can create SIMPLY, Quickly and its Huge. Let Me Explain we teach You How to Create a 3 part Permenent Live back Link System Each Site you Create has the Potential for 7,000 Back links. if you Only Charged  $1 per Backlink Monthly you Potentially are Making $7000 a month. How about Charging $5 a Month now its $35,000 from 1 new site.. WOW now personally I believe you should Never sell One for under $99 a Month, Why Because its Worth that or More. Try Pricing a Guest Post one time or Check the Pricing at Fiverr!    We Use Lowest Possible Math so you have a More REALISTIC View, so Imagine You get the higher Dollar Range or like my friend who has 500 sites or my College who now has 1000 sites, I am Not about to disclose just how many I have. Top Secret!

  • Rank with Ease with the Power of a PBN
  • Turn the PBN into a News Site PBN
  • Each Google Property is DA of 92-98
  • Use GOOGLE to Launch a potential GOLD MINE
  • Google rewards using Google

Nothing can Top the Google News Site PBN!

30 PLUS over the Shoulders Available in the Pro Course

Introducing ...

Learn how to Build G sites by Stacking Them with Authority, then Learn the secret of lnking them together as a PBN, and from a PBN to a News Site PBN and from there To  a Money Machine that Cranks it up on Demand

  • Product Main Benefit #1 -so you Havent Made Much Money On-Line Now You Can
  • Product Main Benefit #2 - Every Step is Illustrated, Nothing Left Out
  • Product Main Benefit #3 - The Right Place at the Right Time, Google Loves Google and now Your Part of Google Itself!

Having Built over 800 Gsites in the Last 7 Months, I have learned exactly what to Do And What Not to Do! and You Benefit FROM That Knowledge

No Matter if you choose to Promote Local, Sell Back Links or promote Ads, Or Sell a Product or Service You cant Beat Using a News Site and or a News Site PBN. Until You Try It and See for Yourself, You Wont Know!

"Having been Fortunate to Test this System Out, All I can Say is i am stunned , Amazing Stuff from Start to Finish"

- Randy

How much Useless Junk Have You Bought in the Last 90 Days? Are You Ready for a Change? Ready to have Google work For You, Instead of Against You?

  • Product Benefit #1 - Fast Results, Ranking Quickly............................
  • Product Benefit #2 - Easy to Grasp steps Step at a Time.........
  • Product Benefit #3 - Skype Room Support to Guide You..every Step
  • Product Benefit #4 - Make Both Good Looking Sites and Effective
  • Product Benefit #5 - Learn How to Create a PBN, Without the Cost
  • Product Benefit #6 - compare to Courses that Cost $1500 and Up
  • And Many More ...

News Sites are Red Hot Because they Work! Now You Can Get In TOO!

Full Over the Shoulder 48  Video Pro  Course includes a Special Buy Pricing Just $397 Value on this Webinar Only

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ACT Quickly the Price is like an unstable Crypto it can Change in a Moment, When i start to come to my Senses! the Basic PDF  96 filled pages no fluff Just Pure Value Stacked for Easy Absorbing! 

News Site Pbn Basic Course

Special Deal 48 Over the shoulder Video  Pro Course Training After You Buy the Basic Course



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Packed with Value as all Our Products Consistently are!

Pack it Tight and Grab some Depends this is a fully Loaded Course and the Over the Shoulders has over 45 Videos so Stay Tuned!

Gary Affron and Patrick Tuttle

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