At Last you can have the Advantage of Owning Your Very Own Google News sites 

the Most Powerful of all sites, they Dominate the Niches like nothing that has Come Before!

"Introducing The TRS Done for You Google News Sites The No Brainer Deal the Serps just Love" 

You Pick the Niches WE will get them Approved your sites or for an additional small fee we can build a 5 page site Complete with Content, maps, sliders and Video, Docs and more

Dear Friend,

Google News Sites are the Hottest Thing Going for 2023, Absolutley a Must have for Your Arsenal! Grab an Edge over any Competitors, Its Virtually Impossible to beat when its Done Right, We dont Mass produce them, We Build them by Hand Optimizing the Content, adding Contexual Links with Power and Authority Done the TRS way. the Only Way it Should be Done. 

Mike, a Friend of Mine has 500 News.Googles and just slaughters his target Keywords for New York City, we mean Total Domination for the highest paying hardest to Rank Money Keywords are you Ready to Join the Ranks at the Top? and Start making a serious Income?

WE Will Limit this offer to TRS Members, as we have only a limited Staff to fulfill the Orders and the Process is Complex to get thru the Approval side! 

Don't Hesitate We wont offer this forever and Once it's Closed it's Closed forever Never to be offered Again!

See How the Benefits Line up Below, Do you Want to Miss Out just Because you Hesitated?

  • Dominate Hard Keywords
  • Lose 20 lbs in a week   (Just Kidding, paying Attention?)
  • Forget about low Hanging Fruit..Go after the Sweet Money Fruits
  • Simply Choose a Niche Order a New site Approval if you have a Site Built already
  • or order a Site and news approval, ps we build Gsite's so no Domains needed no extra Costs

After Refining Our Methods, we Build 5 page sites with Approximately 20,000 words or more of Content, authority Links to Google news, Google Scholar, Youtube and Wikipedia, we have Added a Keyword Related Massive RSS Feed,Custom Built Slides, Maps Docs Calendars and more. And every Bit is Unique Content and Ready to be Approved.

want to See a Sample? Yes of course You Do, I know I would so lets show you a screen Shot First One we Ranked before we added any Back links for it, it Ranked so fast, I didn't have time to get any back links done for it.

Notice we Have a Page Authority of 97!

How About a bit more Proof , it Actually Works, as if you need more then we have Shown you Already Just Consider this.Courses being sold how to Get a Site Approved Range from $500 to $1500 and up. No One would Pay that if it Didnt work out Very Well for their Buyers and You can Bypass All of that and have Your Cake and Eat it Too! Own as Many AS You Want, and have them Customized By your Favorite Niche

Can we Dominate Page 1? how about Number 1?

Don't Hesitate these Prices Cant be held this low for Ever

Getting Approved By Google for a News site can be Complicated and Frustrating, we make it smooth for you

  • DFY Main Benefit #1 - We do the Approvals for you
    including building them from scratch in your Niche!! 
  • DFY Main Benefit #2 - Fantastic Content Properly Optimized with extrenal and internal Linking
  • DFY Main Benefit #3 - Go Above and Beyond with Extras at no Additional Charges

Offers Like this Don't come Along Very Often so Act Quickly while its Available!

You Choose Either Approval Process Only or a Built for you Custom Niche Site, Made specifically for a news site, with over 20,000  plus words or more loaded with extras like RSS Feeds based on keywords

"Having experienced a 40% increase in Revenue in a year of Pandemic i can tell you If the Ranking store Offers it You Should Grab it"

- Brenda

Time to decide Approvals Only or website Builds and Approval Package!

  • Product Benefit #1 - WE DO THE HEAVY LIFTING, You Relax
  • Product Benefit #2 - we Create the Content Optimize and the Authority ...
  • Product Benefit #3 - Buy one and you will be Question
  • Product Benefit #4 -Hugh Time Saver Hugh...
  • Product Benefit #5 - end the frustration of trying to Rank but Failing to Crack the top..
  • Product Benefit #6 - Time for finding the Real Money Keywords and ..Niches ...
  • Product Benefit #7  Google sends its own traffic to thier News Sites, so you get the benefit of G sent traffic to YOUR NEWS Sites -- Even if not Ranked!!!

No One Questions if Google news sites Work or Rank, its been well Documented and Proven!

Now is the time You Get to Benefit Due to Our Turnstile System. We have Spent Months Makeing and Tweaking to get it Perfect. It Actually took me almost 200 Sites Built to get it close to Perfect, which we now have

Approval for You Own Sites $97 Buy 4 get 1 free,  (you Provide the Sites and Access) Combo site build and Approval is $159 Buy 4 get 1 free (we Build the sites and get them Approved then change ownership to you) 

We Specifically Build Around Your Keywords and Niche. Don't miss this Opportunity to Own News Sites that Rank and Dominate , You can have exclusive Territory today! Don't be Left Behind Own 2023 with Authority!

Own High Valued Real Estate, Google News sites! No Domain Names, No Hosting Needed Ever with Ours

Please Give Our Staff Time to Deliever Approvals take 5-7 Days a website Build take time, we make Complete Sites with Slider, MAP, Calendar and docs Rss Feeds its a complete Package!

 Product  Offers Below

Your Site Approvals DFY

We Build Sites- Build and Approval

4 approvals get 1 free

4 site Builds and Approvals 1 free




$97 ea

$157 ea

Act Fast with an Offer Like this we can become Back Logged with Orders Really Quickly so First Come First Served

Only Offered for a Limited time, And Only TRS Members we know a Good Thing when we see it and we want it to last forever so Strickly TRS Memebers can Purchase this Offer below is Our "Get Your Site Approved Offer"   Act Quick its First Come First Served Offer, and we get Back Logged Quickly as its a Hot Offer

Your Sites , we get Approved Buy Button Below use the Drop Down for Additional Site Approvals

Below is Our Build and Approve Offer, we will Build  5 page site with all the bells and whistles for you and get them Approved. This Generally takes Around 10 Days to Complete so be Patient. These Rank like Crazy and Index Quickly so dont Hesitate to get You Order in Now while Prices are Low and Demand is High'.

For Multiple Quanties simply use the drop Down at check Out

Guaranteed  Satisfaction on both Approval and Site Construction and Quality

P.S, yes you can submit your own Images

If You Order a Combo Site Build and/or Approval Only the Site Build is Not Guarenteed, Approval is a non Refundable Service as we use a Third Part Process for Both The Builds and Approval will take 5-7 Days on Average so we ask for Your Patience! on Busy weeks the Process could take 10 days or more. But its worth the Wait!

Since we Know its a true No Brainer! all i Need to Say is See You On the Inside..

Patrick and Gary

the Ranking Store

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