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Backlink Factory is the only Google link building software in the internet world that allows you to create Unlimited Google Stacking backlinks in minutes. Backlinks are Google Stack using Google Sheets and Google Drive folders with high domain authority and link power.

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Features of Backlink Factory (Platinum Version)

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Local Map RankMade Easy

NAP & Map Variation Tools

Map Variation – Map Variation is a brand new way to rank in Local Maps Pack and boost your map rankings. Get unlimited unique local variations of your GBP URLs with just one tool. Your gateway to ranking in local Google Maps.

NAP Tool – Automated tool to create NAP with “Plus codes” and business details of your brand.

Google Map Variation & NAP Tools

Power Up Your Google Authority Stacks

Backlink Factory Platinum has everything you need to dominate the SERPs.

Increase your website visibility / Local Map ranking and traffic by getting a swarm of strong backlinks from Backlink Factory Platinum.

Unlimited Keywords

Your Google stack will never be the same. You can use as many keywords as you want, that's right, unlimited keywords.

Unlimited URLs

You can create an unlimited number of backlinks from any number of blogs, forums or pages. Get the most out of your budget with unlimited urls!

Local Merge Text to Anchor

You can use the name of the city / city + state code as a prefix or suffix to create a highly targeted local version of your keywords.

File-Folder Description (Spintext Allowed)

Backlink Factory helps you optimize all your folders and files with SEO optimized descriptions. You can use spun text for uniqueness to make sure your content is completely unique.

Parent & Child Folder Description (Spintext Allowed)

All parent and child folders are also allowed to have an SEO optimized description including your NAP. Spintext is allowed to ensure uniqueness.

Custom Keyword Stacks

with Backlink Factory software you can create powerful backlinks with your own keywords.

Primary Keywords Stack

Backlink Factory is a software platform that allows you to create your own keywords in stacks and generate backlinks for greater SEO success.

Folder Links Stack

The Backlink Factory software has a feature called "Folder Links Stack" A super unique way to stack your backlinks to make them stronger.

Iframes Codes

Backlink Factory automatically creates an iframe code for each link sheet you create that has a unique keyword associated with it.


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